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      Three phase horizontal screw centrifuge
          Publish time 2018-08-22 15:50    
      Horizontal screw three-phase separator is a special solid-liquid (water) - liquid (oil) separator for continuous and automatic sedimentation, separation, dehydration and pushing of suspension containing solid substances. The machine adopts the more advanced dual-frequency control of the main and secondary motor mode (also can be selected according to user requirements), in practical work can be adjusted and modified according to the needs of different working parameters to meet the needs of the suspension. The machine's self-protection function is perfect, and its maintenance and maintenance are convenient. It belongs to the most advanced type in China.
      The machine has strong adaptability to materials and can adjust different working parameters randomly. It has been widely used in Solid-liquid-liquid separation, classification, dehydration, concentration and clarification of suspension in chemical industry, petroleum industry, environmental protection, mining industry, food industry, paper industry and so on. The machine is suitable for the treatment of suspension with solid particle size of 0.005-2 mm, density difference between solid and liquid phase greater than 0.05 g/cm 3, volume fraction of 2% - 4%. The machine has the remarkable advantages of continuous operation, simple operation, convenient installation, low operating cost and small occupied area.
      Horizontal screw three-phase separator (hereinafter referred to as centrifuge) is a sedimentation type, is the use of centrifugal sedimentation principle of suspension solid-liquid (water) - liquid (oil) three-phase continuous separation. Its basic principle is: after the working speed of centrifuge reaches the rated speed, the suspension (material to be separated) passes through the high-level tank or feed pump with agitator, controls the flow through the flow control valve, the material enters the screw pusher through the feeding channel of the centrifuge, accelerates through the accelerator, enters the drum, and leaves. The solid phase is thrown into the inner wall of the drum under the action of cardiac force. The blade of the screw pusher pushes the solid sediment to the small end of the drum by a certain rotational speed difference, and then discharges it from the slag discharge outlet after passing through the drying zone. The liquid forms concentric layers of different depths in the drum, flows to the large end of the drum, and adjusts the depth of each tank through the overflow plate, eventually discharges from the respective outlets. This continuous cycle has achieved the goal of continuous separation of solid liquid liquid three-phase.

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