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      Electrical control system
          Publish time 2018-08-23 11:08    
      Three basic forms of electronic control system for centrifuges
      1. Simple control system,
      This electronic control system consists of conventional electrical control components and frequency converters. It can perform automatic/manual operation on the centrifuge host system, feeding system, dosing system, and dosing system, and the main equipment operation monitors fault alarm and interlock protection.
      2. PLC control system:
      The PLC control system has high performance stability, strong anti-interference ability, safe and reliable work, flexible configuration, and software programming functions. Therefore, it has been widely used in various industrial automatic control systems. The electronic control unit with PLC sludge dewatering device developed by our company is very suitable for the occasions where the sludge dewatering production process is complicated and the technical requirements are high, and the differential and feed amount automatic adjustment functions are available. The electronic control system is highly automated and can be operated unattended on site. It can display a variety of main process parameters, with nearly 30 kinds of equipment abnormal state detection alarms and interlock protection functions, making the entire working system more secure and reliable.
      3. PC + PLC electronic control;
      The above PLC electronic control system can communicate with the central control room PC through the communication interface and the on-site PC or through the communication network specified by the user. The driving mode of the centrifuge adopts: double motor double frequency conversion common DC bus driving mode
      Advantages of dual motor double frequency conversion common DC bus drive
      1. The structure is simple and reasonable, and the regenerative energy of the auxiliary motor can be directly fed back to the main motor, thereby saving energy and reducing consumption. According to estimates, the energy saving rate is about 10%.
      2, wide adjustment range, can realize the stepless adjustment of the speed and differential speed, can adapt to the changing requirements of various process parameters.
      3, fast response (less than 30ms), high stability, long service life, with automatic protection of overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, and lack of equal.
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