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      Zhejiang Lishui Kaida Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. was formerly known as the state-owned Lishui Environmental Protection Machinery Factory (founded in 1987). In 2008, through a series of measures such as corporate restructuring, mergers, integration of institutions and resources, the company became the main domestic company. The company specializes in horizontal screw centrifuges, centrifugal dewatering machines and solid-liquid separation equipment...
      Leading products

      We adhere to the corporate culture of "integrity, innovation, quality, team" and the enterprise spirit of "respecting morality, pragmatism, dedication, and enterprising", strictly implementing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, and providing excellent products and services to our customers.

      Company tenet: We use centripetal force to develop centrifugal force to make dehydration more efficient

      news information
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